Teach English Abroad (Ghana)

Like in any other developing country in the world, there is a need for English education in Ghana and many children and families simply cannot afford to pay foreign English teachers. Teaching English to underprivileged children in Ghana is a wonderful way of giving them the opportunity to make something out of their lives. These children are mostly well behaved and extremely eager to learn from an international volunteer.

Our volunteers will have the opportunity to help children between the ages of 5 to 16 years old. These students are very serious in their quest for learning vital English language skills.

Most volunteers will experience a true Ghanaian welcome from the children of Ghana, surrounded by the natural beauty of this wonderful country, and truly integrate themselves into a friendly and hospitable culture. You will also receive warm appreciation of the effort you have put it.

Teaching project supplies

Picture books, instruments, art, music, or other teaching materials related to your subject., Pens, pencils, note makers, colour pens, novels, games, stickers, crayons, exercise books, story books, chalk, white board markers,

Role of Volunteer

As a volunteer in Teaching English in Ghana project, you will work for 5-6 hours a day. Apart from English, volunteers can also teach Math, Science or any other subject that might be of interest and help to the students. As a volunteer fluent in English, you can also aide local schoolteachers by encouraging them to use English to interact, thus also developing their conversational skills.

  • Teach conversational English, Math, or Science
  • Read literature and work improve low comprehension levels and poor pronunciation skills
  • Provide theoretical, practical assistance and aide the teachers
  • Interact with the students
  • Ghana has three academic semesters a year:

    January 10 to April 12 May 2 to August 4 September 9 to Dec 15

    School Holiday:

  • April 13 to May 1
  • Aug 5 to Sept 12
  • Dec 16 to Jan 1
  • Details

    Program: Volunteer in Ghana
    Project: Teach English Abroad

    Location: Accra, Volta Region

    Departure and End Point: Accra, Ghana (Kotoka International Airport)

    Language Need: English, basic to intermediate fluency

    Accommodation and meals: Home base and Ghanaian cuisine three times daily

    Activities: Provide love, care, education and free time activities to orphans & support orphanage Operations.

    Start Dates: Flexible

    Skill/Qualification Needed

    There are no specific qualifications needed to join teaching in Ghana project beyond a fluency in English. No previous teaching experience is required. Volunteers should have a love for teaching, English and conversation. Volunteers should be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and be positive role models for students.