What is the cost of the Program?

At SPF Ghana, we offer very affordable program fees with high-quality service and a level of transparency to all our volunteers and intern. The program fee goes to SPF as a general donation and it covers the cost of decent home-stay accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, orientation and in-country program support during your entire volunteer stay.

Program cost:

Amount(USD) Amount(GBP) Amount(EURO)
500 390 423

Our program fees are the same no matter the length of stay. Volunteers are required to pay a deposit of $150 to secure their placement. Deposit is included as part with the program fee, it is not an additional charge. Full payment of program fees is made upon arrival after airport pick-up.

What do I gain from this program?

The program is an excellent opportunity to combine adventurous foreign travel with a worthwhile job as a volunteer. As well as gaining experience that looks brilliant on your CV, you will improve your transferable skills such as team-working, presentation and communication. You will also receive a certificate of Recognition for volunteering and an opportunity to serve as SPF ambassador in your city, college or community.

What age ranges take part in these projects?

Volunteers are welcome between the ages of 16 and 75. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years old, but a rapidly increasing number of career breakers and retired people are now taking part too. This has led to a stimulating mix of people in all our programs.

When can I start? When should I apply?

You choose when your placement starts and finishes. Placements run all year. There are no definitive deadlines for application. Please apply as soon as you've decided what you want to do. The duration of our program is; minimum 1 week, maximum 1 year.

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

Yes, we are also in contact with people who rent furnished apartments to volunteers. Volunteers can arrange for accommodation separately on their own.

Can I go with my family/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Friends and love ones are most welcome and, if you like, we can arrange placements where you can live and work together as a team or group.

What is the geography and climate of Ghana like?

The climate of Ghana is tropical. The eastern coastal belt is warm and comparatively dry, the south-west corner of Ghana is hot and humid, and the north of Ghana is hot and dry. Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea, only a few degrees north of the Equator, giving it a warm climate.

How are the Ghanaian people like?

Ghana is the friendliest Africa country. Without a doubt though, it is the friendly people that are the number one reason for you to visit Ghana. Ghanaians emphasize communal values such as family, respect for both the old and young, and the importance of dignity and proper social conduct.

What can I bring?

A smaller or medium sized bag if you wish to do weekend or other traveling trips. There are not many places to buy large rucksacks so would advise a good quality one. Things to pack - Laptop, Digital cameras, Torch, lamps, soaps, walking boots-trainers, exercise book, pen or pencil, Candies and Chocolates for children, Sandals, sneakers, Sunhat, Sun glasses and sunscreen, Watch, Towels, Insect repellent, Medical Kit, Beach wear, IPOD, MP3 etc.

What vaccinations will i need for Ghana?

In Ghana malaria is the major problem; volunteers are highly encouraged to get a malaria vaccine before leaving for Ghana. SPF suggests that you consult a travel doctor from your country before you depart.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our programs in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Program Fees Do Not Include

  • Visa
  • Air ticket
  • Personal Insurance
  • Personal spending
  • Vaccination and Immunization
  • In-country travel